Site Preparation

Depending on the size of your shed and the conditions at your site, you may need to make some preparations prior to the delivery of your new shed, horse barn or garden building.

If you have questions about the site preparation for your shed, please contact us.

Below are some guidelines to help you decide what you need for site preparation. The examples provided below are only suggestions and may or may not work for your specfic situation. If you have questions about the specifics of your site, please contact us for additional information

    Level Lot

    If the site where your new shed will go is flat and level, site preparation may not be necessary. All of our sheds come with pressure-treated floor systems that will work well on any flat, level site. Examples might include a flat grassy area, a paved driveway or patio. If you intend to add a shed to a level area that is not finished with concrete or other surface, you may want to prepare a foundation using crushed stone, as described in the next section, for added stability and adequate drainage.

    Small Grades / Uneven Ground

    If the site where you plan to add your shed is not flat and level, we can level smaller sheds with blocking material provided by the customer. Please consult with us regarding the specific requirements prior to your shed delivery.

    For larger buildings, we suggest preparing a shed base where your shed can be installed. A shed base that is about 1 foot larger than the size of your shed is recommended. Dig a base about 2-3 inches deep and fill the base with 3/4" crushed stone. This base will provide stability and adequate drainage for your new shed.

    Large Grades / Slopes

    If the site where you plan to install your shed is heavily sloped or on a hillside, we recommend grading the land or building a post and beam foundation to minimize cost and provide a stable, flat surface for your shed. You can see basic directions on creating a post and beam foundation by One Project Closer Blog.

    Helpful Advice to Prepare Your Shed Site on a Slope :: Learn More...

Still Need Help?
Don't want to handle site preparation on your own? No problem. Contact Maryland's Best Sheds and we'll help you prepare your site for shed delivery!

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